Patient Care Services

Volunteer Hospice nurses are guides for people and their support group in the journey to the end of life. We always have a nurse on call to answer questions and/or make visits as needed. Our RN staff works with patients and their families to set goals and manage symptoms related to their illness. The focus is the goal of comfort, maintaining dignity and self-determination throughout day-to-day living. We teach and support the caregivers. There is always someone from Volunteer Hospice just a phone call away.

Equipment Loan Program

Medical equipment for use in the home is provided for Volunteer Hospice patients. VHOCC also lends medical equipment at no charge to anyone in the community, although some equipment is reserved for Volunteer Hospice patients only. By loaning medical equipment items needed for short term use, VHOCC has a positive impact on the environment.

If you have any questions contact the office.  (360) 452-1511

Respite Care

re•spite: an interval of rest or relief

Respite care is available to Volunteer Hospice patients and their families. Pre-arranged, short-term respite support gives the caregiver time off to shop, see a doctor, lunch with friends, rest, relax and recoup. Simply knowing that respite care is available often increases the caregivers’ coping abilities. While respite volunteers do not provide direct nursing services, they do provide gentle support and a caring presence, which allows caregivers time to renew and restore.

If you have any questions contact the office.  (360) 452-1511

Grief Support

VHOCC offers grief and bereavement support services to its patients, their families, and to anyone in the community. These services are free of charge and include:

  • Anticipatory grief for Volunteer Hospice patients and their families and caregivers.
    • Trained volunteers will meet individually at the patient’s home.
  • One-on-one bereavement support. Open to anyone in the community.
    • Arranged by a caring facilitator who will meet with individuals privately, supporting them in their grieving process.
  • Structured grief support groups. Open to anyone in the community.
    • Offered several times a year in Sequim and Port Angeles, including informal monthly follow-up group activities (sack lunches, drop-in meetings, etc.)
  • Living Alone Now Workshops: A Practical Guide to Living Alone. Open to anyone in the community who experienced the loss of a partner or spouse.
    • Topics may  include: Home & Auto Maintenance, Shopping & Cooking for One, Fraud Prevention & Consumer Protection, Q&A with Mark Harvey from Senior Information & Assistance and Self-Care.
    • Offered regularly in Port Angeles and Sequim.

Please check the Calendar or call (360) 452-1511 for all programs schedules.

For further information, call Astrid Raffinpeyloz, Volunteer Services Manager at (360) 452-1511.

Community Education

6-Week (six 2-hour sessions) Community Education & Volunteer Training series. The series is free and open to the public.

  • Offered twice a year (in the spring in Sequim and in the fall in Port Angeles.)
  • Covers history and philosophy of hospice, unique characteristics of Volunteer Hospice of Clallam County, attitudes towards death and dying, grief and bereavement, and respite volunteer training.

Check the Calendar or call (360) 452-1511 for the next Community Education & Volunteer Training series offering.