Rose Crumb, Founder

Rose Crumb, founder of Volunteer Hospice of Clallam County
Founder of Volunteer Hospice of Clallam County
National Jefferson Award for Public Service in 1998
Volunteer Director 1978-2009

Pat Neal: Thank you, Rose

Rose Crumb dies: Volunteer Hospice of Clallam County founder remembered for touching lives

Rural Hospice That Spurns Federal Funds Has Offered Free Care for 40 Years

The first 30 years of VHOCC as told by Rose.

Nursing Team

“As a nurse, every day you know you will touch a life, . . . and a life will touch yours.”

VHOCC employs 12 nurses and one CNA, led by a dedicated manager. They are a hardworking and compassionate team, whose services are much appreciated.

Seated: Bette, Rose Crumb, founder (deceased)  — Standing front row: Lynn, Juanice, Molly — Standing back row: Trish, Danielle, Marca, Lauren, Paula. Not pictured: Elizabeth, Mariah, Pennie, Stacy and Tammy, CNA  — November 2018

From left to right: Lynn, Juanice, Marca, Molly, Lauren, Elizabeth, Paula, Bette, Mariah, Danielle, Pennie, Stacy.  Not pictured: Tammy, CNA  — Summer 2018

Board of Directors


Rev. Randy Hurlbut, President

A graduate of Northwest University, in Kirkland, Washington, Randy is currently Pastor of Sequim Valley Foursquare Church. Randy and Susan have been married 34 years and have one daughter, Amy. They have resided in Sequim for the last 22 years. Randy is a retired heavy equipment operator from Las Vegas, NV. He has served on several different boards and committees in the Sequim Area. Randy’s interests are eclectic and range from Education, Politics, to S.C.U.B.A. diving and Radio Controlled Airplane pilot.

Tim Guthrie, MD, Vice President

Timothy Guthrie graduated in 1983 from Loma Linda University School of Medicine and specialized in Family Medicine. During a 20-year career with the USAF, he delivered direct health care and held a number of medical director positions, ending as TRICARE regional medical director for Region 11 at Madigan Army Medical Center. After “retiring” in 2006, he began working part-time as an Integrative Medicine physician for the Jamestown Family Health Clinic in Sequim, WA. There he strives to help patients find the cause(s) of their dis-ease and solutions to healing, with prescription drugs as a “last resort” tool. He is certified by the Institute for Functional Medicine. His other interests include skiing, reading, golf and travel.

Nancy Bargar, CPA (Retired), Treasurer, Finance Committee Chair


Nancy Bargar is a retired CPA with over 30 years experience, primarily in the tax area. Nancy has been involved with numerous nonprofits as both a professional and a volunteer. She has an undergraduate degree in economics from Whitman College and a Master in Professional Accounting from the University of Washington. Nancy is a native Washingtonian and has lived in Port Angeles for over 12 years.

David Gilbert, PE, EM, F.ASCE, Secretary, IT Chair


A retired mining engineer, Dave graduated from the Colorado School of Mines in 1960.   He had a forty-year international career of construction engineering and management for large mining and petrochemical projects.  Dave was in overall charge of multidisciplinary field construction teams of up to 5000 people.  He has been a volunteer at VHOCC since 2010. Dave is also a fellow of the American Society of Civil Engineers and a volunteer exam question writer for the state licensing of professional mining and civil engineers.  He has been happily married 43 years to Lyn Gilbert from Perth, Western Australia.

At Large Directors

Michael J. Bucierka, M.S.W., Director

Michael is a retired social worker, graduated from the University of Maryland School of Social Work and Community Planning in 1989. “I have spent over thirty years working with various disadvantaged populations: emotionally disturbed children, chronically mentally ill adults and for the last 14-years of my career as a Child Protective Service worker in Port Angeles, WA. My history of various volunteer works started in the Metropolitan Washington, D.C. area in my mid-twenties. I have always considered myself a street social worker, being outside of the office and working with people in their environment. I became interested in volunteering at VHOCC after having personal experience with hospice care for three people dear to me.” Michael has been a volunteer at VHOCC since April 2015. He and his lovely wife Florence have been married for over 25 years. They moved to Sequim in 1997.

Sally Featherstone,  BA, MA, BSN, RN, MN, CNS, Personnel Committee Chair

“I am awed to be a member of the Board of VHOCC.  I have a very long association with Hospice, from my early days as a Public Health Nurse in King County when I made home visits to dying patients and to bereaved young parents of SIDS babies.  Those experiences inspired me to follow a career focused on the care of persons impacted with all manner of losses, from personal losses related to jobs, family, divorce, to loss of body functions and ultimately death.  It only seemed fitting that I should spend my volunteer time working in a field that I have spent so much of my career and VHOCC is the perfect venue.  I hope that I can bring added benefit to the Board, I know I will be greatly blessed by the experience.”

Class II Directors

Lyn Gilbert, Office Services Manager (OSM)


Lyn Gilbert became the VHOCC Office Manager after volunteering as a respite caregiver for two years and on the front desk for nine years. As the manager of the Victoria Hotel in Roebourne, Australia for several years, she managed 150 employees and several restaurants in the hotel. She left Perth, Australia in 1972 when she married David, a mining and construction engineer for Bechtel Corporation. They lived in London, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, United Emirates, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi before retiring and moving to Washington State. When asked about her many years of volunteering with hospice, she said “I believe it is important to share your life with others.”

Astrid Raffinpeyloz MA, Volunteer Services Manager (VSM), Community Outreach Committee Co-Chair


Astrid obtained an MA in Political Science in France and an MA in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology in California. She held various managerial positions in non-profit groups, small businesses, and large corporations.  Following a close friend’s death, her heart found its place in hospice and she started to volunteer in 1996, primarily in California (Sutter VNA, Zen Hospice Project, Hinds Hospice) before moving to the Olympic Peninsula and finding VHOCC. She joined this Board in May 2015 and accepted the position of Volunteer Services Manager in January 2016. After raising 3 adopted boys on a farm, she now runs a small microgreens business with her husband.

Bette Wood, RN, Patient Care Manager (PCM)


“Hospice has been my passion for the last 18 years. As I approach over 40 years in nursing, it is the most holistic area in health care I have encountered. I am constantly learning from clients and families as we walk the journey to end-of-life. Our focus is in living day-to-day and managing symptoms for the goal of comfort in all realms: mind, body and spirit. We are community compassionately caring for community. This is what makes VHOCC so very special and unique.”

Honorary Directors

Ed Hopfner, MD

A graduate of University of Washington, Ed is a semi-retired family medical physician practicing in Port Angeles since 1962.  He started the PARRC Free Medical Clinic in 2001, and is still seeing patients at VIMO and Dungeness Valley Health and Wellness Clinic.  Ed has been married 56 years to Phyllis and is the father of 6.  He currently serves on the OlyCAP Board of Directors and Headstart Policy Council.  Ed is a retired Navy doc and remains active in Voices for Veterans and Stand Downs.

Recording Secretary

Janice Koopman